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The Willowash Nail Removal Kit

Miracle Nail Remover in Just Minutes

Convenient At-Home Solution For Professional Nail Removal

Say Goodbye to Overgrown Nails WITHOUT the Hassle of A Salon Appointment.

First-of-Its-Kind Nail Soak-Off Bowl (Made For Acrylic & Dip)

Warming Technology to Reduce Removal Time, by Up to Half!

Essentials For An Anxiety-Free, Pain-Free Nail Removal

Includes Nail Spa Bowl, Warmer Plate, Cuticle Oil, Nail Files, and Scraper Tool.

Designed In Santa Clarita, CA By A Small Business Salon Owner

Nail Salon Hacks for Hassle-Free Results.

Backed By Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction

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With your busy lifestyle in mind, we designed your beauty routine with the fast and convenient Willowash Nail Removal Kit

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Three Reasons Why You’ll Love the Willowash Nail Remover Kit


Refresh & Reset On Your Terms!

Remove embarrassing overgrown nails, restoring clean nails & confidence.


Salon Quality Without Leaving Home

The Willowash brings the quality of a nail salon into the sanctuary of your home.


Beauty Without Pain!

Escape the angsty trap of unpredictable salon visits and unmerciful nail techs ripping off acrylics and destroying your nails.

Meet Founder and CEO, Linda Lien

As a 1st Generation American, Linda adopted the family nail business at a young age. Growing up in her Mom’s salon she always thought of new “Nail-Hacks” to make things easier. Eventually Linda had her own salon and loved educating customers on proper nail care and professional nail hacks.

After a lifetime in the salon and almost a decade of salon ownership, Linda took her vision of simple salon solutions and professional nail care to the online marketplace. Launching Saint Willo LLC in 2020, Linda still collaborates with family, nail techs and the Vietnamese community in Southern California to create smart, premium nail care products.

Benefits of The Willowash

Efficient Process

The Willowash kit accelerates nail removal by up to 50%, speeding up a tedious process into a swift, streamlined task that fits neatly into your tight schedule.

Clean System

Enjoy a tidy, spill-free experience with our all-in-one kit, minimizing clutter and cleanup, and maximizing your time and comfort with its user-friendly design.

Smart Investment

Engineered by a salon owner for durability and multiple uses, the Willowash kit is a wise, long-term investment for consistent, salon-quality nail care at home, saving you frequent salon costs.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

How To Use… Simple as 1, 2, 3!


Plug In: Switch on your Willowash and let your nail removal solution warm for 5-7 minutes. (warm to your comfort level)


Prepare Nails: Clip down nails and buff off the shiny top layer.


Plunge & Soak: Place your nails into the solution and periodically rub your nails on the WilloPad for proper removal.

Dimensions and What’s Included:

Bowl, Lid & Warming Base

Instruction manual

6x Willopads

1x Cuticle oil pen

1x Gel scraper tool

2x Nail files

The Willowash: Miracle Removal in Just Minutes

Artificial Nail Removal Kit: Tired of messy DIY nail remover techniques? Willowash is the first of its kind, professional grade, at-home nail removal kit. The Willowash soak-off bowl warms nail remover & can remove Acrylics and Dip Powder up to 50% faster!

What’s Included?: Our removal kit comes with a nail spa bowl & warmer plate, cuticle oil, 2 nail files & a gel nails scraper tool.

How To Use: Simply turn it on and warm your nail removal solution for 5-7 minutes (only to your comfort.) Clip nails and file off the clear top coat. Lastly, soak nails in removal solution while rubbing nails on the Willopad (included.)

Works On All Kinds Of Acetone-Soluble Nails: Our nail remover kit is especially fast and efficient with Acrylics & Dip! It also can remove Gel Polish, Glitter Nail Polish, Nail Wraps/Strips, Press on Nails, and Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

Designed By A Salon Owner: The Willowash was created by a professional nail tech & salon owner in Santa Clarita, CA.


Get Free Shipping On Orders $70 or More *USA only