The saint willowash miracle
removal in just minutes.

Premium acrylic & dip powder nail remover.


Save money and time by soaking off nails in the comfort of your own home.

What customers are saying!

This has been a game changer for me, and has cut considerable time from my home powder dip manicures! No more cotton balls and foil wraps and little plastic clips for me. So glad I found this little device!

Jacquely S.

I really am happy with this product! It met my expectations. I’ve removed acrylic nails by myself and the process took over an hour. But with the Willowash, it was a lot faster! And the instructions were easy to follow! If you wear gel polish or acrylics, I highly recommend you get this!


I took a chance and bought this with no reviews, which is something I NEVER do! I am so glad I did! The WilloWash is a game changer. I don’t even know why this kit comes with a nail scraper because I never even had to use it. I had powder dip with glitter and it came off like magic. I highly recommend this product. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer S.

This is a game changer for removing dip nails at home. I used to spend hours trying to remove my dip powder only to end up with damaged nails. This product dissolves the dip in 10 minutes. Absolutely recommend. Comes with all the necessary tools and the cuticle oil is also great.

Jodi S.

I have been searching for a soaking bowl that actually works and I found it! So glad I don't have to pay the extra $$$ at the salon anymore!

Laura P.

This product is amazing- save a trip to the salon and remove your nails painlessly yourself! Took off my “real nail polish” nail stickers in a matter of minutes and probably the cleanest and quickest glitter removal EVER!

Sara B.

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Works On All Kinds Of Acetone-Soluble Nails

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The Willowash: Miracle Removal in Just Minutes
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Works For Any Acetone-Soluble Nails.

-Acrylics -Dip Powder -Gel Polish -Apres Gel X nails -Press On nails -Semi-cure nail strips -Glitter polish.