The Willowash: Miracle Removal in Just Minutes

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  • Artificial Nail Removal Kit: Tired of messy DIY nail remover techniques? Our nail soaker is the first of its kind, an at-home kit to safely & easily remove acrylic and dip nails! The Willowash soak-off bowl heats up acetone & can remove artificial nails (Acrylics, Dip Powder, Gel Polish, Polygel, Gel X tips, etc) 50% faster!
  • What’s Included?:  Our removal kit comes with a nail spa bowl & warmer plate, cuticle oil, 2 nail files & a gel nails scraper tool. This nail soak-off bowl is much easier, faster, and less messy than soak-off nail clips, foil, and cotton.  
  • How To Use: The Willowash is super simple to use! Simply turn it on and heat  the acetone for 5 minutes. In the meantime, clip nails shorter and file off the clear top coat. Then soak nails in the nail polish remover while rubbing nails on the Willopad (included). *instruction guide included*
  • Works On All Kinds Of Acetone-Soluble Nails: Our nail remover kit works on Acrylic Nails, Dip Powder Nails, Gel Polish, Glitter Nail Polish, Nail Wraps/Strips, Press on nails, Semicure Gel Nail Strips. Remove your artificial nails from the comfort of your own home and save time from the nail salon.
  • Designed By a Salon Owner: The Willowash Kit was created by a professional nail tech salon owner. She realized instead of having customers come in with existing artificial nails that needed to be removed, it would save both the customer and nail tech time if they came without their artificial nails on. Her solution was creating a better at-home solution to remove acrylic nails and dip nail polish!