Willopad Refills for the Willowash - 20 Count

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Experience salon-quality nail removal at your convenience with our Willopad Refills. These non-woven pads, designed to pair with the Willowash system, empower you to remove acrylic nails and dip powder quickly and effectively at home.

Our unique system functions by gently heating the acetone nail remover solution to soften your artificial nails. Once softened, rubbing your nails against the slightly abrasive surface of the Willopad removes the softened layer, exposing the subsequent layer underneath.  This efficient process cuts down traditional nail removal times by 50%—no more lengthy, messy removals!

The package includes 20 individually wrapped Willopads for easy and convenient use. Simply heat your acetone for 5-10 minutes, trim your nails, file off the top clear coat, then soak your nails in acetone while gently rubbing them against the Willopad. The result? Hassle-free, complete soak-off of your artificial nails!

Perfectly suited for at-home nail enthusiasts and professional nail technicians alike, the Willopad refills significantly enhance your DIY nail experience when used with our Saint Willo Soak Off Acrylic Nail Remover kit.

Key Features:

  • 20-pack of individually wrapped Willopads
  • Nonwoven and slightly abrasive pads for efficient removal
  • Designed for ease of use with the Willowash system
  • Delivers a 50% faster nail removal process than traditional methods
  • Ideal for both professional nail technicians and DIY nail lovers

About Saint Willo: Our family-owned business is committed to designing and delivering salon-grade beauty products for at-home use. Our innovative solutions are designed to make your beauty routine easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for your support!

Please note, Willopad Refills are intended for use with the separately sold Willowash system.